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CC&BC's Homeownership Course

Welcome to Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling's Homeownership Course.

In this 10 part course you will explain the steps you will be going through as you prepare to purchase your new home, how to shop for the right house, and what the mortgage lender will be looking for in terms of how you are managing your finances.

Your decision to buy a home represents probably the largest financial commitment you will ever make.  While there are a number of benefits to homeownership, there are also a significant number of responsibilities you will be assuming.  Therefore, it is essential that you fully understand the home buying process, and all that it entails.

Homeownership Counseling

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Requirements to successfully complete program
Class structure

The home buying decision
Benefits of owning a home
Do I really want to own a home?

What do you want?
Finding the "Right" house
Negotiating the purchase

A guide to credit
Making a budget
Affordability of homeownership

How much can you afford?
Underwriting guidelines
The costs of homeownership

Chapter Six
The Mortgage Process

How mortgages work
Applying for a mortgage
What you need to know about Predatory Lending

The down payment
Closing costs

What happens at the closing?
Preparing for the closing
Closing documents

Home maintenance - - taking care of your home
Meeting your financial obligations

Chapter Ten



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